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    About Us

    About Us

    Vision & Mission


    Vision :

    To become a leading provider of heavy lifting equipment products and services in Indonesia

    Mission :

    1. To providing products that are able to compete with the market, both in terms of quality, service and delivery time.
    2. To achieve the top ranks in the global market, but still stands to achieve the company's goals which aim is to:
      • Become the right partner and can provide complete solutions to fulfill customers' lifting equipment needs.
      • Provide added value for all parties with an interest in the company
      • The fulfillment of employee welfare



    The Company's Policy

    PT. Wiguna Artha Lestari consistently provides products that is in accordance with the latest international standards. To achieve this policy, PT Wiguna Artha Lestari is committed to implementing and developing a Quality Management System and the environment by providing the best service and price through consistent and systematic continuous improvement to increase work effectiveness. All employees of PT. Wiguna Artha Lestari must be committed to understanding, obbeying, and implementing all the requirements required by the Quality Management System, Safety and Occupational Health and the environment which refers to the regulations and requirements set by the Company, Customers, and the Government.